One of the most famous movie artifacts of all time is the
Ark of the Covenant, the golden chest God commanded
the Hebrews to construct to house the Ten Commandments.

I have reproduced this relic at a 1:4 scale, cast in resin and
plated in genuine 24kt gold. This very detailed model is
complete with brass rings to hold two 23" (58cm) custom
shaped rods covered with a printed cloth wrap.

The chest opens to reveal a sixty square inch gold plated
cavity suitable to store a minature set of Ten Commandments.

This Ark stands about nine inches high (23cm) is eleven inches long
(28cm) without poles and is seven inches wide (17cm).

All the details of this piece have been carefully constructed, from the cherubs and crown-railing atop the mercy seat, to the custom-printed cloth wrap and the pine-cone shaped feet.