This beautiful medieval painting replica is based on the Crucifixion scene shown in Henry Jones, Sr.'s house in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It is found among his collection of art inspired by the legend and lore of the Holy Grail.

It shows Jesus Christ being crucified while Ecclessia, the Church, catches his life-saving blood in a chalice, a symbol of the Mass. Ecclessia rides a beast composed of a Winged Man, a Lion, a Bull and an Eagle symbolizing the four Evangalists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On the right is St. John comforting Our Lord's mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who He entrusted to this apostle before His death.

The print, based on a medieval painting, is glued to a central red plaque bordered with gold paint. The central plaque is set into a aged piece of cracked wood, painted to match the original precisely.

The entire piece is framed using antique moulding found in an old lumber yard. It is also painted and aged to match the orignal prop.

The image at left shows a scan of the actual print used on this replica. The colour and quality shown is true to the original.

I also made another version of this "painting" using a special coated canvas paper to give the print the look of an actual painting. I then added gold paint to the halos and grail.

To the left is an alternate version of the Crucifixion Painting. This is a genuine oil painting on high-quality artist canvas, professional stretched, mounted and framed in an old-world antiqued wooden moulding. The overall size of this reproduction is about 21" x 17" (54cm x 44cm).