This replica is entire hand made, from the highly detailed front panel to the cracked, aged back piece. Shown in Henry Jones' house for a few moments in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the original prop is based on one of the trials faced by Indy at the end of the quest. The "leap from the lion's head" is a test of one's faith. This painting depicts three knights who failed the test, while one humble crusader reaches for the glowing cup of Christ suspended above a deep abyss.

I have made three versions of the prop. The first (shown above) is made using oil-based paints on a gesso-coated board. The colours are very deep and similate the overall look of the original painting perfectly.

My second version was painted with acrylic on a shaped, aged front panel. The details are very crisp (see below) while the colour are more muted than the oil-painted version. Around the floating grail is real GOLD metal leaf, while the oil-painted version has a metallic gold paint surrounding the Gral.

The third version of the Grail Knight Painting usrd the same hand-made back board but has a print of the front panel mounted on a board cut to match.

The back panel is constructed from four separate old planks of wood, just like the original. They are securely fastened together by two strips of wood behind the panels. There is a hole drilled in the back so the painting can be mounted flat against the wall.