One of the inserts found in the Grail Diary, this rubbing helps Indy quickly copy a portion of Sir Richard's shield before the Venice catacombs are engulfed in flames.

This rubbing was hand crafted using wax crayons on thin paper (allowing it to be folded exactly like the original and fit neatly into your Grail Diary replica) from a replica tablet.

The top portion of the tablet it complete and 100% accurate, showing the full cross of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword. On the tablet portion of the rubbing the word URBEM (city) can be read, letting Henry know that the missing part of the tablet must contain some vital clue to the location of the Grail. While in Venice, Marcus points out to Indy that the name of a city can be seen from the shield portion of the rubbing.

On this replica, ALEXANDRETTA(M) can clearly be read in the upper portion.

After the events of The Last Crusade, Italian archaeologists would have worked to recover the artifacts below the Venice library, where the tomb of Sir Richard was discovered. Henry would have most likely been called upon as an expert to study the various artifacts. Shown here is a complete rubbing of Sir Richard's shield. Executed in brown wax in Henry's style on a full sized piece of newsprint, this replica measures almost four feet long and two feet wide (116cm x 54cm). The rubbing also has the faint edging of the entire shield as well as the round studs along its border. In the bottom right hand corner is Dr. Jones' signature and date of the rubbing.