The central items of quest in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom are the sacred Sankara Stones, the Sivalinga. According to Hindu mythology, Sankara was a priest who ascended Mount Kalisa where he met the Hindu god Shiva. Shiva gave him five stones with magical properties with which Sankara was meant to combat evil. In the film, these stones were realized as plastic props with lights inside them, representing the diamonds which were meant to glow when the stones were brought together.

This set of three replicas are made of a special blend of resin and sand to better simulate the weight and feel of real stone. They were made using three seperate moulds to match the three props seen on film. Three lines were deeply etched into the front surface of each stone, representing the three levels of the Hindu universe. The rocks were painted in brown acrylics to match the colour of the original props. They were then sprayed with several coats of a gloss polyacrylic to give them the shine of river-polished stones. Finally, the three lines were painted white, just like on the original stones.

Shown to the right is a broken version of the Sankara Stone, showing the hidden diamond inside. The "diamond" is actually a large piece of crystal quartz set into the resin stone.