One of the most sacred relics of Christendom is now available as a framable historic replica. Measuring about 14" x 12", this life-size reproduction of the face of Christ from the famous Shroud of Turin is entirely hand painted on heavy canvas.

With diluted acrylics this face is rendered in a higher contrast than the original for ease of sight (the image on the original shroud is actually quite faint to the naked eye). When photographed and negated, this replica produces the same striking countenance as the original (see below).

The "blood stains" on this shroud are produced with a heavier acrylic and dabbed dry to produce the look of real stains. Also replicated on this piece is the same stain above the head as on the original.

This shroud is perfect for framing: one theory states that the Shroud of Turin is the same as the Christ of Edessa that was once displayed in Constantinople (with only the face of the Shroud showing, just like this replica).