Just before the end of the Great War, Indy and Remy found the main portion of this treasure map on a dying soldier. They soon discovered that the map was drawn to point the way to the Eye of the Peacock, Alexander the Great's one-hundred and forty carat diamond!

This map is printed on aged paper, copied exactly from images of the original prop. Details include three large mountains, representing the three temples near the resting place of the diamond, Alexander the Great and his troops, as well as a dragon which points the way to the diamond. The right half of the map is more heavily aged as it was torn off and kept seperate from the other half. Without this portion of the map the rest is useless.
Greek letters give clues to how to read the map and find the diamond.

The Peacock's Eye is very likely to be the same diamond that takes Indy all the way to Shanghai to Lao Che's Club Obi Wan in the beginning of the Temple of Doom. Why else would Indy be so interested in a diamond? It belongs in a museum!